Productions from 1987 - 1990

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Production:Mr. Universe  

Playwright:Jim Grimsley

Director:Steven Kent

Set Designer:Steven Perry

Light Designer:Linda Essig

Costume Designer:Stephanie Kaskel and Michael Keck

Stage Manager:Michael Schaefer

Cast:Shami Chaikin, Vicki Hirsch,

Peter Toran, Charles Mandracchia,

Del Hamilton, Donna Biscoe and Nao Takeuchi



Production:From The Mississippi Delta  

Playwright:Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Holland

Director:Ed Smith

Set Designer:Steven Perry

Light Designer:William H. Grant III

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Cast:Verneice Turner and Brenda Denmark

Choreographer:Dianne McIntire



Production:After Crystal Night  

Playwright:John Herman Shaner

Director:Max Mayer

Set Designer:Scott Bradley

Light Designer:Michael Chybowski

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Sound Designer:Kathy Chaffee

Stage Manager:Ruth Kreshka

Props:Lleana Peyron

Cast:Anthony Call,Barbar Eda-Young,Steve Franken,

Stephen Giese,Michael Marcus,Ben Mittleman,

Michael Ornstein,Warren Pincus,Lily Watkins







Playwright:Maishe Maponya

Director:Maishe Maponya

Set Designer:Terry Chandler

Light Designer:William H. Grant

Costume Designer:Karen Perry

Sound Designer:Carmen Griffin

Cast:Fana Kekan,Jerry Mofokeng



Production:Good Black  

Playwright:Rob Penny

Director:Claude Purdy

Set Designer:Ken Ellis

Light Designer:Bill Grant

Costume Designer:Karen Perry

Sound Designer:Jacqui Casto

Stage Manager:Major Hudson

Props:J.P. Walker

Cast:Mel Winkler, Fern Howell, Marcus Naylor, Dorothi Fox,

Amber Peyote Kain, Kenneth Green,

Alicia Rene Washington and Judi Ann Williams



Production:Tis The Morning  

Playwright:Ruth Beckford & Ron S. Thompson

Director:Ron Stacker-Thompson

Set Designer:Kerry Saunders

Light Designer:Ernest Baxter

Costume Designer:Rubee Taylor

Stage Manager:Jacqui Casto

Cast:Ruth Beckford, Margarette Robinson,

Inez Norman, Billy Hutton and Melvin Thompson



Production:A Thrill A Moment  

Playwright:William M. Stevenson

Director:Edward Love

Set Designer:Richard Harmon

Light Designer:Bill Grant and Jerry Forsyth

Costume Designer:Fontella Boone

Stage Manager:Lisa Watson


Adrian Bailey, Irene Datcher, Dwayne Grayman,

Kelly Rice, Kiki Shepard, Gina Taylor and Allison Williams

Choreographer:Edward Love

Musical Director:Grenoldo Fraizer




Playwright:Edgar White

Director:Oz Scott

Set Designer:Scott Bradley

Light Designer:Victor En Yu Tan

Costume Designer:C. Jane Epperson

Sound Designer:Carmen Griffin

Stage Manager:Lisa L.Watson

Cast:Lisa Waston, Lanyard Williams, Al Freeman, Jr.,

Vondie Curtis-Hall, Madge Sinclair,

Regina Taylor, Marvin Watkine and Sullivan Walker





Playwright:Matsemala Manaka

Director:John Kani


Production:God's Trombones  

Playwright:James Weldon Johnson

Director:Woodie King Jr

Set Designer:Llewellyn Harrison

Light Designer:William H. Grant III

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Stage Manager:Dwayne B. Perryman III

Cast:Trazana Beverley, Debrah Blackwell Cook,

Cliff Frazier, Rhetta Hughes, Theresa Merritt,

Lex Monson, Sabrynaah Pope, Don Corey Washington




Playwright:Themba Ntinga, Seth Sibanda,

Fana Kekan, Selaelo Mar

Director:Jerry Mofokeng

Set Designer:Craig kennedy

Light Designer:Richard Harmon

Costume Designer:Ali Turns

Stage Manager:Jacqui Casto



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