Productions from 1978 - 1981



Production:Anna Lucasta  

Playwright:Phillip Yordan

Director:Ernestine Johnson

Set Designer:Charles Mills

Light Designer:Shirley Prendergast

Costume Designer:Edna Watson

Stage Manager:Shawn King

Props:Cortez Nance

Cast:Debbie Allen, Thomas Anderson, Miriam Burton,

Rony Clanton, Juanita Clark, Carles Cleveland, Carl Crudup,

Maxwell Glanville, Charles Grant-Greene, Neil Harris,

Marcella Lowery, Neville Richen, Sam Singleton and Elizabeth Van Dyke





Playwright:Umar Bin Hassan

Director:Al Freeman Jr.

Set Designer:Roberta Edmonds

Light Designer:Shirley Prendergast

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Cast:Anthony Call, Clarence Williams III and Kyle Duncan


Production:Glorious Monster

In The Bell Of The Horn  

Playwright:Larry Neal

Director:Glenda Dickerson

Set Designer:Bob Edmonds

Light Designer:Kathy Perkins

Costume Designer:Ellen Lee

Stage Manager:Toby Macbeth and George Carter

Props:Candy Mabre

Cast:Akin Babatunde, Eddie Alex, Gary Bolling, Darryl Croxton,

Lee Dobson, Maxwell Glanville, Joyce Griffin, Patricia Hayling,

Noble Lee, Clifford Mason, Zachary Minor,

James Pickens and Ron Rayford

Choreographer:Otis Sallid

Musical Director:Max Roach


Production:Puerto Rican Obituary  

Playwright:Pedro Pietri

Director:Jose Machado

Set Designer:Carl Baldasso

Light Designer:Larry Johnson

Costume Designer:Kevin Best

Stage Manager:Murphy

Cast:Brunilda Colon, Cynthia Lopez, Micael Pereira, Randy Ruiz,

Paco Coleman, Luis Cruz, Lui Marquez,

Ann Regis Vira Colorado and LaVerne Singleton

Musical Director:Paul Radlat




Production:The Connection  

Playwright:Jack Gelber

Director:Carl Lee

Set Designer:Robert Edmonds

Light Designer:Leo Gambacorta

Costume Designer:Edna Watson

Cast:Donavon Diez, Bernard Duffy, Gerg DuHart, Philip Levy,

Antonio Fargas, Lindzee Smith, Sam McMurray,

Michel Auder, Robert Silver, Cynthia Belgrave and James Liuely

Musical Director:Gary Bartz


Production:The Trial Of Dr. Beck  

Playwright:Hughes Allison

Director:Phillip Lindsey

Light Designer:Larry Johnson

Costume Designer:Carlo Thomas

Stage Manager:Harrison Avery

Props:Renee Bess

Cast:Lew Harrison, Carlo Thomas, Deidre Flood and Frank Vento


Production:Branches Form The Same Tree  

Playwright:Marge Elliot

Director:Arthur French

Set Designer:Wynn Thomas

Light Designer:Sandra Ross

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Props:June Chisholm

Cast:Verona Barnes, Yolanda Karr, David Downing,

Arthur French III, Maxwell Glanville, Carl Gordon,

Louise Stubbs, Vickie Thomas Joe Fields


Production:Something Lost  

Playwright:Anthony Wisdom

Director:Richard Gant

Set Designer:Robert Edmonds

Light Designer:Marshall Williams

Costume Designer:Myrna Colley-Lee

Sound Designer:Otis Salid

Props:Kim Doi

Cast:Greg DuHart, Patricia Hayling,

Herbert Kerr, Kirk Kirksey and Herb Rice

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