Productions from 1990 - 1994

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Production:The Balm Yard  

Playwright:Don Kinch

Director:Shauneille Perry

Set Designer:Robert J. Schwartz

Light Designer:Sandra Ross

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Sound Designer:Pepsi Robinson

Stage Manager:Jacqui Casto

Props:Jacquelyn Howard

Cast:Irene Datcher, Gary Dourdan,

Doug Eskew, Dana Manno, Kim Weston Moran,

Roxie Roker,Trevor Thomas, Nichole Thompsom,

Nick Smith, Ras Tesfa, Carla Williams, Larry Mc Donald


Production:Jelly Belly  

Playwright:Charles Smith

Director:Dennis Zacek

Set Designer:Richard Harmon

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Sound Designer:Jacqui Casto

Stage Manager:Jesse Wooden, Jr.

Props:Linda J. Stewart

Cast:Linda J. Stewart, Donald Douglass, Ramon Melindez

Moses, Tony Smith, Weyman Thompson, Gina Torres,

Gregory Edward Gray and Kenneth J. Green


Production:Wizard of Hip  

Playwright:Tom Jones

Director:Kenny Leon

Set Designer: Tony Loadholt

Light Designer:Jeffrey Guzik

Sound Designer:James Pelton Jr.

Cast:Tome Jones





Playwright:Safiya Henderson-Holmes

Director:Raina Von Waldenburg

Set Designer:Nathan Jones

Light Designer:Marty Liquori

Cast:Julie Bray-Morris,

Mantee M. Murphy and Sonita Surratt


Production:Chain/Late Bus To Mecca  

Playwright:Pearl Cleage


Set Designer:George Xenos

Light Designer:Melody Beal

Costume Designer:Ornyce Prince

Sound Designer:Bill Toles

Stage Manager:Jacqui Casto

Cast:Claire Dorsey, Kim Yancy and Karen Maline White



Playwright:Beverly Trader

Director:Thomas Jones II

Set Designer:Richard Harmon

Light Designer:Richard Harmon

Costume Designer:Gregory Glenn

Sound Designer:Carmen Griffin

Stage Manager:Lisa L. Watson

Props:Jacqui CastoCast:

RobertaIllg, John D. FitzGibbon, Ronald E. Richardson,

Kathleen J. Masterson, Michele Denise Woods, Neal Tate,

Phyllis Y. Stickny, Maurice Sneed, L.J. Gasner and David Edwards





Robert Johnson: Trick The Devil  

Playwright:Bill Harris

Director:Woodie King Jr.

Set Designer:Richard Harmon

Light Designer:Antoinette Tynes

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Sound Designer:Polar Levine

Stage Manager:Malik

Props:Marlon Campbell

Cast:Guy Davis, Grenoldo Frazier, Herman Jones,

James Curt Bergwall and Denise Burse-Mickelbury

Musical Director:Guy Davis



Playwright:J.E Franklin

Director:Irving Vincent

Set Designer:Felix Cochren

Light Designer:Jeff Guzik

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Sound Designer:Bill Toles

Stage Manager:Fred Seagraves

Props:Marlon Campbell

Cast:Lee Roy Giles, Charles M. Whitfield, Michele Shay,

Patti Bown, Terri Towns, Minelva Nanton and Vincent Campbell




Production:The Spirit Moves  

Playwright:Trazana Beverley

Director:A. Dean Irby

Set Designer:Jeff Richardson

Light Designer:Jeff Richardson

Costume Designer:Jacqueine Marshall

Stage Manager:Malik

Cast:Trazana Beverley


Production:Looking Back  

Playwright:Micki Grant

Director:Shauneille Perry

Set Designer:Robert Schwartz

Light Designer:Antoinette Tynes

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Cast:Adam Wade, Pepsi Robinson.

Debbi Blackwell-Cook, Lena Berrios,

Anthony Gaglione and Miki Sakaguchi

Choreographer:Chiquita Ross-Glover

Musical Director:Julius Williams


Production: In Bed With The Blues:

The Adventures of Fishy Waters  

Playwright:Guy Davis

Director:Shauneille Perry

Set Designer:Kent Hoffman

Light Designer Antoinette Tynes

Costume Designer:Judy Dearing

Stage Manager:Charles Edmonds

Cast:Guy Davis



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