Productions from 2003 - 2007

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Production:Great Men of Gospel  

Playwright:Elizabeth Van Dyke

Director:Elizabeth Van Dyke

Set Designer:Roger Predmore

Light Designer:Shirley Prendergast

Costume Designer:Ali Turns

Sound Designer:Sean O'Halloran

Stage Manager:Chris Hapin

Cast:Richard Bellazzin, Jeff Bolding, Ralph Carter,

Cliff Terry, Gary Vincent and Montroville Williams

Choreographer:Dyane Harvey

Musical Director:Cliff Terry



Production:Diss Diss and Diss Dat  

Playwright:Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

Director:Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

Set Designer:John Pollard

Light Designer:Attoinette Tynes

Costume Designer:Anita Ellis

Sound Designer:Jairous L. Parker, Sr.

Props:Marlon Campbell

Cast:Jonathan Anderson, Amber Efe', Sharifa LaGuerre,

McKenzi Frye, Hannibal, Bryan Taronn Jones,

Du Kelly and Rodney Gilbert

Choreographer:Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

Musical Director:Michael King and John Fulton




Production:Waitin 2 End Hell  

Playwright:William Parker

Director:Woodie King Jr

Set Designer:Roger Predmore

Light Designer:Antoinette Tynes

Costume Designer:Stephanie Rafferty

Sound Designer:Anthony Dixon

Stage Manager:Stacy Waring

Props:Paul Donahue

Cast:Marcus Naylor, Trish McCall, Thyais Walsh,

O.L. Duke, Ron Scott, Elica Funatsu and Eric McLendon





Production:Real Black Man

Don't Sit Crosslegged on the Floor  



Set Designer:Ademola Olugebefola

Light Designer:Shirley Prendergast

Costume Designer:Vassie Welbeck-Browne

Sound Designer:Sean O'Halloran

Stage Manager:Bayo

Props:Rosita Timm

Cast:Chet Anekwe,Jerome Preston Bates,

D. K. Bowser, Gerard William Catus, Arthur French,

Nyasha Hatendi, Stanley Wayne Mathis and Charles Reuben

Choreographer:Lynnard Williams

Musical Director:Gregg Payne


Production:The Stuttering Preacher/Champion  

Playwright:Levy Lee Simon

Director:Woodie King Jr/Tommy Hicks

Set Designer:Tony Davidson

Light Designer:Antoinette Tynes

Costume Designer:Evelyn Nelson

Sound Designer:Sean O'Halloran

Stage Manager:Bayo

Props:Rosita Timm, Jermaine Thrower

and Herb Donaldson

Cast:Levy Lee Simon, Joyce Sylvester,

Ski Cutty Carr and David Paladino


Production:Sweet Songs of the Soul  

Playwright:Melba Moore


Set Designer:Tony Davidson

Light Designer:Antoinette Tynes

Sound Designer:Sean O'Halloran

Stage Manager:John Eriz Scutchins

Cast:Melba Moore






Production:Moon On A Rainbow Shawl  

Playwright:Erroll John

Director:Shirley Parkinson-Wright

Set Designer:Ademola Olugebefola


Production:The Taking of Miss Janie  

Playwright:Ed Bullins

Director:Shauneille Perry

Set Designer:Robert Joel Schwartz



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